Chandler and Rachels Thanksgiving

Chandler opened up the over and peeked in.
"Is the turkey ready yet?" Rachel asked. "I'm so hungry I can eat a table."
"Don't eat the table, we'll have to use those 5 year old Baywatch trays Joey left with me." Chandler said.
"Is the little pointy thing up?" Rachel asked. Chandler stood and looked at her. "The turkey timer." She explained. "The thing that tells us its done. Is the turkey timer popped out of the turkey?"
"I knew what you were talking about, I just like to hear you talk, turkey." Chandler said smiling.
"Wow, thanks....hey!" Rachel said catching on. "For that you can't have any of my sweet potatoes."
"Do you mean the ones that caught on fire in the microwave?" Chandler asked. "As if."
"Things catching afire is not my thing, its more your forte." Rachel said. She sighed. "Look, lets just check the turkey, and stop doing this nice Odd Couple thing? The others are waiting for us." Rachel pointed over to the table. Ross was sitting with Monica. Joey and Phoebe were playing with their kids. Monica was fidgeting around with a salt shaker in her hand.
Chandler got a pair of over mitts. "Ok, soups on!" He said as he brought the turkey out of the oven.
"Soup?" Joey asked. "I thought we were here for turkey."
Chandler looked at Joey, as if he was going to say something. Rachel walked by Chandler.
"Don't even try, its no use." She muttered. Chandler made an "ah" sound with his mouth and set the turkey at the head of the table.
"Chandler," Monica said. "I thought you didn't eat thanksgiving related foods. Whats up?"
"Oh I'm not eating this." Chandler said. He pulled a "Albany Chicken" bag from under the counter. He then took a covered dish out of the bag. "There we go. Prefab chicken goodness."

Minutes later a greasy turkey carcass sat on the table. Chandler and Rachel sat around and looked at it.
"Glad you had me here, sweetie." Ross said kissing Rachel on the lips. "I'll see you tomorrow. Night Chandler."
"Night, bud." Chandler said.
"That was so great." Rachel said.
"Yeah." Chandler said. "Let's get picked up. These days a skunk can pick the lock and get at this nice turkey, whats left of it."
"Oooh!" Rachel exclaimed. "A wish bone!"
"Really?" Chandler looked with Rachel.
Rachel pulled the wishbone out of the turkey, then she wiped all of the turkey grease and some dark meat chunks off of it.
"In a few minutes, when it drys, we can make a wish." Rachel said.
"I'm not too big on that. If I wished on a turkey wishbone when I was a kid, I might not have a divorced family." Chandler said flatly.
"Ah come on." Rachel said. "Be a sport, for me?"
Rachel then smiled, he could never resist that smile. "Ok." He smiled. "For you."

A few minutes later

Rachel picked the bone up. "Ok, its dry enough."
"Ok." Chandler said.
"Here." Rachel said holding her side.
"Here goes nothing." Chandler thought as he took a side.
"Now make a wish." Rachel said. "Close your eyes."
Chandler and Rachel closed their eyes. Chandler closed his eyes tightly.
"Ok." Rachel said. "We pull on three."
"One, two, three." Rachel counted.
Chandler and Rachel pulled their parts of the wishbone. It snapped apart.
"Oh Chandler!" Rachel said with her part. "You got the bigger half." She hugged him. "I hope you get what you wished for."
"Me too." Chandler thought as he hugged her back. "Me too."