Beyond Friends - The Halloween Episode "Thriller"

"Surprise" Guests!

"Send Me An Angel"

Rachel closed the door after giving an ungrateful kid a piece of dried up beef jerky. She turned and brushed a hair out of her face. She looked over at Chandler sitting in his chair.
"Chandler? Honey? We're gonna need to get more halloween candy. I'm running out of stall food." Rachel said shaking her bowl for emphasis. "It's either more candy or decide whos the first lucky kid to get a free sardine on a stick."
"Ok." Chandler said getting up. "I'll go."
"Whats the matter?" Rachel asked him.
He waved her off. "Nothing. You wouldn't understand." Chandler went to the door. "I want to go for a walk."
"When do you think you might get back?" Rachel asked.
"I dunno." Chandler said opening the door. Greta was there with her fist poised to knock. Chandler turned and looked. "Sorry, lady. The bachelor parties not here." He said as he observed her tight go-go skirt and halter top.
"Heh heh." Greta forced a laugh. "You are something allright. I just dont know what."
"Zing to me. I guess." Chandler went out the door.
"Whats with him?" Greta asked.
"Nothing." Rachel asked. "At least nothing that fits his normal days and stuff. Why are you here?"
"Oh!" Greta said. "I have a candy surplus. No one goes to my apartment anymore, not since I started handing out propylatics with the candy. The neighbors are not happy. I decided to come hang out with you before they burn me at the stake."
"Well sure. You are a lifesaver though. We just barely run out of candy." Rachel said placing Gretas tupperware dish near the door.
"Good. I came just in time." Greta said. "What shall we do while we wait for more people to show up?"
"Dunno." Rachel said. "Theres a nice movie on tonight."
"I can live with that." Greta said as Rachel turned on the tv and sat down.


Chandler shuffled through the backyard of the apartment building he lived in. He drug his feet and stomped on a couple of leaves. He knew why he was so blue. He had never been so unhappy in his entire life. Even that quip upstairs to Greta took a lot of effort to pull off. He sighed and looked up at the sky, and made a silent prayer on what he thought was a falling star. He sighed again then turned to go back inside. It was getting cold. But something stopped him.
He thought he could feel someone reaching out to him through the barriers of space and time. Reaching out to touch him and only him. He turned and looked at the far end of the lot. Was his eyes decieving him? He could have sworn the bright glow by the rusted old swing set was not there before. He rubbed his eyes. He stepped forward to the light with a maddening curiosity. Other times he would be frightened of this strange new wonder in front of him, but tonight that was different.
The light became brighter then immediately vanished. Chandler had thrown his hands up to shield the light only he could see. As he lowered his hands, he could not believe what the light had behold. The light was there for a reason. It had brought something for him.
It had brought someone.

Chandlers eyes focused. He walked toward the spot where the person now stood.

"Naomi?" He asked hesistatingly.
"Chandler?" She asked.
It was her! He could not believe it.
"Oh my god." He said and ran to her. She ran to him. He picked her with and swung her around.
"Oh my god, I can touch you." Chandler said with amazement. "You're so warm."
"I know. It's incredible." Naomi said.
"What happened?" Chandler said. "I thought you were gone forever."
"Me too." Naomi said. "It's hard to explain but I was given to be with you for one night. As a living breathing human, I'm here."
"Oh, but for one night? How can you tell when its over?" Chandler asked.
"I don't want to think about it now. Let's not think I'm here on any type of deadline." Naomi hushed Chandler. "I'm here now. Let's have some fun."
"Ok. What do you want to do?" Chandler said taking her hand.
She leaned in to Chandlers face. She thought for a minute. "You know what?" She asked.
"What?" Chandler asked.
"I am so hungry." She said. "Let's go have dinner." Naomi pulled his hand.
"Wait, I have to get money." Chandler said. He then thought of something. "Rachel! I can introduce you to Rachel."
"Really? She's your roomate right?" Naomi asked.
"Yeah." Chandler said. "She had the idea of me meeting your folks. You'll get to thank her."
"Yea. After all the skies the limit." Naomi said taking his hand. "I want to treasure every minute with you in the real world, Chandler Bing. You better not disapoint me." Naomi said rubbing his hand on her cheek.
"I'll try." Chandler said. He offered his arm to her and she took it. They opened up the gate leading to the building and headed home.

Rachel opened up the door for Greta.
"I'm so sorry I have to go." Greta said. "After all I have a date in half and hour. I need to be absolutely bewitching for him." She waved and went down the hall.
"Ok bye." Rachel said smiling.
Chandler and Naomi walked by. Greta waved to Chandler and went into her apartment.
Rachel was about to close the door when Chandler stopped her.
"Hey Chandler." Rachel said. She looked at the pretty blonde on his arm. "Oooh, someones gotten lucky tonight."
"You have no idea." Chandler said leading Naomi into the room. "Rachel I think you should sit down."
"Why?" Rachel asked.
"Well lets just put it this way. Remember the murder investgation?" Chandler asked.
"Yeah." Rachel said recalling.
"Well this is Naomi." Chandler said pointing to Naomi.
"Naomi?" Rachel said looking. "You mean the dead girl Naomi?"
"Yea." Naomi said.
"Now I've seen everything." Rachel murmured and fell to the floor. Naomi looked at her. "I have that effect on people."


Rachel pressed a cold cloth to where she had fallen. She had hit her head after meeting Naomi. The very much alive Naomi, she thought to herself.
"Are you all right?" Chandler asked her.
"I dunno." Rachel grunted while looking at Naomi. Her eyes have been glued to her ever since they had met.
"Someone explain this to me. You're dead."
"Yes." Naomi said.
"But you're here." Rachel said.
"Yes." Naomi said again.
"God, I'm in my own soap opera, people coming back from the dead and everthing." Rachel sighed putting the cloth down.
"I will be here as long as they will let me. 24 hours I think." Naomi said. "The clock is ticking." She said.
"Wow, talk about your cinderella syndrome." Rachel observed. She sighed. "Go Chandler, do what with you want. This is a once in a life time chance." Rachel said looking at him. "This kind of thing will never happen to me."
"Really?" Chandler asked.
"Yeah, I can handle candy duty." She nodded. "If I get bored I can call Monica over." She pushed Chandler to the door. "Go!"
"Okay, I'll have a good time." Chandler said.
"We wont like it thought if it will make you feel any better." Naomi offered.
"I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that." Rachel said. "As far as i'm concerned you are already gone." Rachel closed the door.
"Wow. I guess we have a date." Chandler said. "Where do you want to go?" He put his arm around her.
"Anywhere." Naomi breathed.
"What do you want to do?" Chandler said breathing in her scent.
"Anything. As long as I am with you." Naomi said. "What do I smell like? I hope not embalming fluid, that stuff is hard to get out of your whites."
Chandler smiled. "Like fresh daisys."
"Oh good. I remembered to take a bath before I died." Naomi said. Chandler raised his eyebrow. "Hey, laugh. I know I would."
Chandler let himself have a light chuckle.
"There you go." Naomi said. "As previously stated, I am starving." Naomi pulled his hand. "Come on, lets go chow down."
"I know the perfect place." Chandler said.
"Tell me more." Naomi said.

"Cortelli's" Pizza Parlor

Naomi watched in awe as a piping hot pizza pie was laid in front of her at Chandlers favorite pizza place.
"Oh my," Naomi said as Chandler served her a piece. "Its been so long since I have had pizza, I thought I forgot what it looked liked. I hope I remember what it tastes like."
"Let's see." Chandler said.
"Here goes." Naomi said gingerly picking up piece of pizza on her plate. "Oooh, its hot." She whispered as she lifted it off the plate. Some stray strings of hot cheese stuck to the plate. She lightly shook them off and brought the piece to her mouth. She opened her mouth, them put a sizable piece of it in her mouth. Chandler watched on. She took a bite, chewed for a slight second and swallowed it.
"How is it?" Chandler asked. "I been here so often, when I come in they automatically prepare The Bing Special."
"Its fabulous." Naomi said after putting the piece down.
"You have a little something on your cheek." Chandler said taking a paper napkin.
"Where?" Naomi asked.
"Right here." Chandler wiped the napking over her mouth then leaned in for a kiss. She sat up slightly meeting him in the middle.
"Hmm." Naomi said. "Now that made the pizza worth it."
"Let's eat." Chandler said.

A few minutes later...

After devouring the pizza, Chandler and Naomi took a walk. They strolled around the rivers edge.
"Wow, look at all the stars out tonight. So beautiful tonight." Naomi said going over to the rail. "Look, that is the big dipper, and over there. I think its the north star." She said pointing.
"I don't think anything that is up there could even compare to the beautiful vision in front of me right now." Chandler said.
Naomi turned to him.
"You think I'm beautiful?" She asked coming over to him from her spot near the rail.
"Yes." Chandler nodded. "I really do."
"No ones ever said that to me before in my life." She said smiling.
"Someone should have told you." Chandler said. "They should have told you every minute of every hour of every day."
He came to her and took her hand.
"We got so much time left together. What do you want to do now?" He asked her.
"Let's go dance." She said. "Let's go do anything. I don't care." She said smiling. "I don't care what we do. I want to be with you."
"I want to be with you to." Chandler said.
"Where do we go?" Naomi said.
"I am gonna take you to the best hotel in the city." Chandler said. "Nothing but the best."
"Hotel? You're not holding anything back from me now right?" Naomi asked slyly.
"Me? Of course not." Chandler said. "We're gonna go to the Waldorf Estoria."
"Waldorf Estoria? That's the most expensive hotel in teh city." Naomi said.
"Like I said. Only the best" Chandler kissed her on the cheek.
"Ok. Let's go. The night is just getting started." Naomi said.

Waldorf Estoria

Chandler was holding Naomi's hand as he brought her to the Waldorf Estoria. He immediately caught a cab after they decided to go there for what was left of their impromptu date. Naomi looked out the window at the hotel as the cab approached it.
"This place is even more wonderful than I imagined." Naomi said looking at Chandler.
"Oh yeah."
"This is gonna set you back a little, won't it?" Naomi looked at him. "Admit it."
"Yeah. Any other time I would be worried about cost. But tonight it doesnt matter." Chandler said as a doorman opened their door. Chandler got out, assisted Naomi then headed in the main doors hand and hand.
Naomi looked around the lobby. Chandler looked as well although he had a strange sensation.
"I feel like such a tourist." Naomi whispered to Chandler as they approached the desk clerk.
"I was just about to say that." Chandler said.
"Liar." Naomi chatised him.
He looked at Naomi then at the desk clerk.
"One room." He said.
"Eh ok." The clerk said. The clerk had him sign a guestbook then gave him a key.

The room

Chandler whized around preparing champagne. Naomi stood at the window.
"Hey." Naomi said. "Look at this."
Chandler gave her a glass of champagne. Naomi sipped a little. "This is good. This is a great view."
Chandler clicked on a cd player in the room.
"I see a great view right here." Chandler said. He took her hand and whipped her around. They started to do a goofy kind of waltz.
"How long have we been up here. An hour?" Naomi asked.
"I don't know. Too bad that maid was still in here." He said as they danced along. "I wanted to watch a movie."
"Yeah." Naomi said. "This is very nice right now." She said. "I don't want this to end. I want this night, this song to go on forever."
Chandler leaned in to kiss her. He stepped back.
"Whats wrong?" She asked. "Do I have garlic breath?" She smelled herself.
"No, theres something in your hair." He took out a napkin and dabbed at it. "Extra hair gel?" He asked.
"I had no time to do my hair." She said.
"I think we got it." Chandler said. He pulled the napkin out of her hair. "Oh my." He whispered. "Its all red for some reason."
"What?" She asked. She touched her hair. More red came off on her hand. "This is blood." She murmered.
"Whats happening?" He asked. "Why are you bleeding?"
Naomi went over to the mirror. "It's where I was struck." She said slowly. "This is how I died." Naomi slumped forward. "I'm feeling a little whoozy. Chandler..." Naomi started to pass out. Chandler caught her before she hit the ground.
"I have got to get you to the hospital." He whispered while wiping some hair out of her face. He picked her up and kicked the door open. "Hello?" He yelled. "I need some help here." He looked around. "Theres never room service around when you need it."

Chandler got Naomi down to the curb and hailed a cab. It was the same that picked them up the first time around.
"Take me to the hospital." Chandler said as he held Naomi.
"Hey pal, if any of that halloween costume gets on my apolstery..." The cabbie started up.
"Just go!" Chandler hollered at him.
Minutes later they arrived at the emergency room. He helped her in.
"Hey!" He yelled. "Need a little help here."
"How did this happen?" The ER attendant asked him.
"I don't know." Chandler said as Naomi was helped into a wheel chair.
"Press this against her forehead." The attendant said. "It will stop the bleeding til we can get some help for her." The attendant left.
Chandler pressed the cloth hard against Naomis forehead. He felt her starting to stir.
"Naomi?" He asked as he eyes opened.
"Chandler." She said softly. "So much for our first date. I really screwed things up didn't I?"
"No, it wasnt you." Chandler said.
"How many times have you gone out with a girl who died on you?" Naomi asked weakly.
"Do you mean before or after the date?" Chandler managed to crack.
She started to laugh but groaned. "My head really hurts. I shouldnt really laugh right now."
"Ok. I'll try to be the unfunniest person in the world." Chandler nodded.
"I got to tell you, tonight was the most magical night in my entire life..." Naomi said.
"No, its not gonna end tonight. I'm going to help you. You are not leaving again. I won't let it happen." Chandler smiled.
"I don't think this is in your hands." She said softly. "I really had a nice time with you. I will really miss you. I'll understand if you don't call me." She said weakly.
Chandler kissed her lightly on the cheek. He pulled back. Her eyes had closed.
"Naomi?" Chandler looked at her. He lightly shook her. "Naomi?" He moved his hand from his head. He stood up and looked at her.
Then suddenly, as quickly as she had come into his life, she was gone. Literally. There was an empty space in the wheelchair where she had sat. Even the blood was gone. He looked up as he heard the attendant come back with some help.
"Where did she go?" He asked.
"Shes gone." Chandler remarked sadly. He looked at his hand, even the cloth he had used on her was gone.
"Were we too late?" He asked Chandler as he turned.
"No." Chandler said to himself. "I was."

Chandler slowly climbed the stairs to his apartment. Rachel was giving out candy to a kid. She looked up at him. She saw his face. She finished giving out the candy and shooed the kid away.
"Chandler?" She asked. "What happened to Naomi?"
"Shes gone." Chandler asked. "For good."
"Oh my god." Rachel said. "I'm so sorry." Rachel said as she hugged Chandler. Chandler hugged her back, but hard.
"Me too." He said. "Me too."